Life Renewal Retreat – August 2019

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19/08/2019 @ 5:00 pm – 24/08/2019 @ 9:00 am

Dear Retreat Members,

The retreat is based on the rock solid concept of ” True Faith” and the orthodox principles, which the Holy Syrian Orthodox church had been following since its inception. The retreat is aimed at building up a concrete faith in our Lord and thus reliving every one from the difficulties that had been haunting them. At the final moment of revelation, one finds out “Who I am?” and “What is the real reason behind all my ailing problems?”

During the 5 days retreat, one gets the golden opportunity to assess one’s life as a Christian and to understand what a rotten spiritual life one had been leading, until then. This awareness leads him to accept the ritual ceremony,’ The Holy Confession”. With this Holy Sacrament, our Lord Almighty- the merciful shepherd purifies us-his long lost lambs with thy holy blood and enfolds us in his arms!!!

With thy blessings- the suffering, fragile and sorrowful people who have been frantically searching for a rescue-route from their sins, illness, mental stress ,strains, business failure, debts, children’s problems, disastrous family life etc—would gain peace of mind and happiness as they leave ‘Mor Gregorian Retreat Centre” !!! Their minds would swell with prayers and hymns to Jesus-their hope and rescuer.

Only 100 people are admitted to the 5 days retreat, on a first come first serve basis. The retreat is held once in every month. Food and accommodation will be provided by the Retreat Centre itself.

Kind regards

Retreat team


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