The Aim Of Retreat

The Aim Of Retreat

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It is the intense desire or rather the wild fantasy of every human-being to be every one else’s pet- with their flawless character and behaviour. What that varies from person to person is just the intensity of that desire!!!! But, in real life, the realization of that ‘ideal-Person image’ becomes a dream, or rather- it remains as the coveted wish of every soul! When we are forced to think aloud about that ‘mirage’ or about that day dream, it becomes obvious that the real hindrance in our path is our present cultural, social and personal circumstances- which has evicted us to an island of loneliness, uneasiness, and all sorts of mental trauma- which we have been fervently trying to avoid. In this dilemma, we would be in search of a ray of hope- a proper guidance that will help us to regain our original self, which had been long lost due to our erratic personal and family life styles.

  1. Date: July 6, 2014
    Author: M.J.Jacob

    The aim is appreciable. Let more and more of the disturbed people in our society brought to normalcy whereby they would attain peace of mind and self confidence through the center.

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