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Syrian Mission
Mor Gregorian Centre is under the supremacy of Patriarch of Antioch
and we follow the Syrian liturgical forms of worship.

Eusebius, the first Church historian says that in AD 37 St.Peter, the
Apostle of our Lord Jesus established his throne in Antioch. In the
mid of the 5th century, the Bishop of Antioch, and his counterparts in
Alexandria, Byzantium and Rome were called as Patriarchs. The See of
Antioch continues to flourish till today, with H.H Patriarch Ignatius
Zakka 1. The local head of the church in Malankara is the Catholicos
of the East, consecrated by and accountable to the Patriarch of

Syriac Christianity has had a long history in India. St.Thomas, the
Apostle landed at Muzirus in Kerala in AD 52 and converted many Hindus
into Christianity and founded 7 churches and appointed many priests
too. But after some years, the Church was in distress owing to the
scarcity of Priests to guide them. Then, a Syrian merchant, Thomas of
Jerusalem [Knai Thoma] was deputed by the Bishop of Jerusalem to
enquire about the recent situation of Christians in Kerala. On
receiving his report , the Bishop Mor Joseph, some Priests, Deacons
and 72 families were sent to Malankara [Kerala] along with Knai Thoma
by H. H. Osthathiose the Patriarch of Antioch in AD 345.

This first Syrian Colonisation of Malabar is a historical fact and
from this time both native Christian[Nazranis] and the colonisers were
called as ” SYRIAN CHRISTIANS ” and they came under the jurisdiction
of the Syrian Patriarch of Antioch. Then an organised Church came into
existence in Malabar and Syrian liturgical form of worship were
introduced .The Syriac language is the Aramaic language itself, and
the Arameans are the Syrians themselves.

Second Syrian Colonisation was in AD 822 by Bishop Mor Sabor and Prodh
and a number of families and they landed in kollam . In 1660 the
Patriarch of Antioch , Ignatius Simon sent Mor Gregorious Abdul Jaleel
Metropolitan, to Malankara to consecrate the Arch Deacon Thoma in the
name, ‘ Mar Thoma ‘ and to appoint him as the 1st Metropolitan Of
Malankara. After that a good majority of Metropolitans were
consecrated by the H.See.

In short it was the See of Antioch that saved the Malankara Church
from Roman Catholicism in the 17th and from Protestantism in the 19th
Centuries. To sum up, St.Thomas planted the Christian Church in
Malabar in India but it was Antioch that planted the syrian Orthodox
Church faith here, after St.Thomas.

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