About Us

Mor Gregorian Centre is under the supremacy of Patriarch of Antioch and the Mor Gregorious Jacobite Syrian Orthodox Chapel, in the name of Saint Gregorious Parumala is being managed by this Centre.Mor Gregorian Centre is a regional centre of Jacobite Syrian Christian Church runs under the spiritual and dynamic leadership and aegis of H.G. Thomas Mor Themotheos, Metropolitan of Kottayam Diocese. H.G.Zacharias Mor Philexinos, the guiding spirit of this Centre is our Director. Mor Gregorian Centre is being managed by the ‘PMG Trust’,which was found in the year 1976 by H.G. Dr. Geevargheese Mar Gregorious. (Late. Perumpilly Thirumeni)

An ardent well-wisher, Sri.Kurian, Valiyaveettil, Amayannoor.P.O,Kottayam donated his entire property to Perumpally Thirumeni and later he found ” The P.M.G Trust ” in order to fulfill a long nurtured dream of the residents of the locality- a Holy Church in their neighbourhood!!! Their dream was christened as the Holy “Gregorious Jacobite Syrian Chapel’’. Since its inception , the trust had been fervently aiming at the social and humanitarian activities. Besides, it took new steps ahead with “Mor Gregorian Centre”, “Mor Gregorian Retreat Centre’’, ” Mor Gregorian Counselling Centre’’,and “Mor Gregorian Sharing Ministry ” .