Need of Sharing

Mor Gregorian Sharing Ministry is a charitable society formed by Mor Gregorian Centre for the upliftment of the poor and downtrodden.

As our society comprises of the needy people, who deserve our help in every walk of life, Mor Gregorian realized the truth, “Service to Man is Service to God”. This made us pause and think about the ups and downs of human life. However, to offer the financial assistance and humanitarian help to these men to meet their day-to-day needs, we redirected our energy to start “Mor Gregorian Sharing Ministry”11 years ago. It was also a truly remarkable occasion. Share what we have with others is the slogan of this organization. Since, without any external help some people have an uphill task to make both ends meet, we lend a helping hand for them by starting weekly rice supply, by giving the required medicines or by giving monetary aid for their medication, for their children’s education, for their children’s wedding, for their house’s renovation and sometimes for their new house’s construction and so and so. We are planning also to buy certain house plots on the purpose of constructing a number of houses for the needy ones.